Covenant Unions


Phoenix Community Church is happy to talk to you about a wedding or covenant union ceremony. The packet of information available below includes a wedding application which can be used to start the process.

What We Believe about Covenant Unions

We affirm that we are called into loving relationships with one another, and that the decision to make a covenant of union or marriage with a committed partner is one such relationship.

We affirm that all of us are created in the divine image, and that all sexual orientations and gender identities are natural parts of creation.

We affirm that the decision of two people to live in covenant with one another is a holy thing, equally sacred for both same-gendered and other-gendered couples. We believe that God blesses all such unions made in good faith.

We affirm that a public celebration of a same-gender union is, in this time, a revolutionary political act, and a step toward a more just and loving society. We affirm that a public celebration between opposite-gendered people is also revolutionary in this time when covenant – a commitment to another’s well being – is not always in favor.

We affirm that a covenant union or marriage is a communal event. Since the decision to live as family has legal, financial and social implications that may extend even beyond death, and since not only family and friends but all of society is affected when two people make such a commitment, we understand this partnership to be a communal, not just a personal, event. So we encourage couples to exchange vows before a community.

We affirm that it is the appropriate role of the church, as the community of faith, to share in such rituals when the couple understands their union to be a sacred relationship.

We affirm that covenant unions and marriages are spiritual events, and such rituals are celebrations not only of loving commitment, but also of the blessedness of life. Each rite of union is an acknowledgement of grace.

We affirm that we are called to embody the love, compassion and justice making that prophets like Jesus embodied. We seek to share in services, which exemplify the spirit of compassion, justice and prayer that we know in Jesus.

We affirm that covenant unions/marriages are lifelong commitments, which are to be entered into and honored in a holy, sacred manner.

Covenant Unions and Weddings at Phoenix

If you are considering inviting Phoenix Community Church, United Church of Christ, to participate in your covenant union service or wedding, please consider this information:

  • We normally require at least 6 months’ advance notice.
  • We expect couples to participate in a process of preparation (details available upon request).
  • We will not do services on Ash Wednesday, during Holy Week, or on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve or Christmas.
  • No drugs or alcoholic beverages are to be used during the rehearsal or the service.
  • The couple is responsible for all arrangements for use of a church or other location. Phoenix Community Church does not own a building. The pastor can advise you about some of the options.
  • A fee is required for the Pastor’s services.

We have many resources to help you create the service that is meaningful and appropriate for you. You may write your own service, or part of it, or rely on us to form the service.

We are honored to participate in services that exemplify the spirit of compassion, justice and prayer that we see embodied in prophets like Jesus. We try to offer referrals to those couples whose needs are outside the scope of our ministry.

You may download our wedding packet for additional information.