We suggest reading the noted scripture(s) before listening to the sermon. We hope these reflections will bless your life and aid you on your spiritual journey.

Out of the Grave

March 27, 2020
Seeking new life in a time of crisis.

Leaning on the Spirit

March 20, 2020
Reminding us of the love of God in uncertain times.

Living Water

March 15, 2020
Looking for the Living Water of Jesus (i.e. the Holy Spirit) in times of uncertainty.

Born from Above

March 8, 2020
Born again, born anew, born from above... it's more than an intellectual declaration. It's a transformation of the heart.

Led By the Spirit

March 1, 2020
Led by the Spirit to grow in our wanderings in the wilderness.

A New Way

February 16, 2020
What does it mean to make a choice for life, love, and God? What does it mean to fulfill God's law?

Light of the World

February 9, 2020
Let your light shine!


February 2, 2020
Reflections on what it means to be blessed. The poem referred to at the beginning of the message is "A Blessing" by James Wright.

Follow Me

January 26, 2020
While we all have different vocational callings, we are all called to live out our spiritual calling as God's beloved children.

What Are You Looking For?

January 19, 2020
What are we looking for? Where are we looking? Is part of our spiritual journey to uncover our true selves? To come to know ourselves as beloved children of God?
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