We suggest reading the noted scripture(s) before listening to the sermon. We hope these reflections will bless your life and aid you on your spiritual journey.

Look, Then Leap

November 11, 2018
The first step in correcting injustice is to notice... then we need to act.

Bonded Together

November 4, 2018
Where is our "Ruth"? Can we be Ruth for someone else? The importance of community, especially in difficult times.

Seeking God’s Mercy

October 28, 2018
Reflections on reformation, past and future
Following Jesus is about serving others, not seeking power and glory...

Through the Eye of a Needle

October 14, 2018
Why couldn't the rich man give up his wealth to follow Jesus?

One Flesh

October 7, 2018
Reflections on the relational nature of humans; created to be one flesh in the Body of Christ.

Losing to Save

September 16, 2018
The Virtue of doing nothing... sort of...

The Audacity of Healing

September 9, 2018
Exercising our agency to heal ourselves and the world...

From the Heart

September 2, 2018
On the importance of examining our intentions.
Reflecting on the writings of the Sufi mystical poet Hafiz.