The Listening Servant

January 15, 2021
God calls our name, hoping we will stop and listen and be found. What does it mean to hear the call of God in our lives and respond?

And It Is Good

January 8, 2021
Reflections on the promises of baptism and what they mean for us in light of current events.

A Guiding Star

January 1, 2021
Let us open our hearts and resolve in this new year to become beacons of compassion and justice, that we may let God’s love shine into the darkness through us.


December 18, 2020
Where is God? What is possible when we walk with God?

Investing Wisely

November 13, 2020
In what do we invest our lives? Practice the ways of God's kin-dom and find joy.

Let Justice Roll

November 6, 2020
Reflections on waiting and disappointment as we seek justice in the world.

Called to Serve

October 30, 2020
We need our saints serving in the Kin-dom of God. How are we called to serve? What does it mean to be a leader?