Who Can Be Saved?

October 10, 2021
Is there hope for the world? What holds us back from encountering the Divine?

Humble Wisdom

September 19, 2021
What does it mean to live well? Reflections on the humble wisdom of God that leads to a life of service.

Losing to Save

September 12, 2021
What do we need to let go of to save our lives? What gets in our way of an abundant life in God? Our words?

In Our Image

August 15, 2021
What does it mean to be made in the image of the Divine?
The images of God that we carry with us affect us in ways we probably don't realize. What would it mean if we took seriously the image of God as…
Let us turn in audacious, persistent faith to follow the compassionate shepherd in God's Way of love, hope, and justice, teaching and healing, helping to guide the world to wholeness.

Speaking Peace

July 11, 2021
May we with God’s guidance create justice, create peace, that all may have full and abundant life.

Sent Out

July 4, 2021
The disciples embraced the radical change that Jesus offered and were in turn sent out into the world to themselves be that change, to bring hope and peace and justice…